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    Default Re: Hexagons Unraveled

    I'd love to express this as a 3D model
    Be my guest Og.
    Gary W. Priester
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    Default Re: Hexagons Unraveled

    Quote Originally Posted by gwpriester View Post
    Dan - eyeTricks is our company name. The depth images, and patterns and final edits are done in Xara and sometimes filtered in Prisma to enhance the pattern.

    In the depth image white comes forward the most and black goes back the farthest and all shades represent 256 different levels. When viewed in parallel (divergent). When viewed cross eyes, then it is the opposite and white goes all the way back and black is in front. We design all of our images for parallel viewing but some work both ways. This image is one of those.
    Thanks for the explanation.

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    Default Re: Hexagons Unraveled

    This is me being your guest.

    Right about here





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