despite I insert a 1920x1080 image.jpg as background texture

I then observe that in the lower right corner status bar I read different values on various PC I own
an the image sizes looks to depend on the screen size an pixels resolution of the display

1. I go to Options menu and in Texture I choose Background and I load my 1920x1080 image wallpaper but in the Xara 3D I don't see it in its whole borders, it is only portion of the image
2. I go to Window menu and in Frame Size I input 1920 by 1080 and it is accepted
3. Right after the frame appears around the image

but I don't have any view zoom to fit it

so I create my text and

4. I don't find how to displace it in a specific position, it looks locked into the center
5. I must work observing the export little frame since I can't view the entire image inside Xara 3d form

also the status bar lower right corner shows the image size ... but there is no menu to change that value

How do I manage to see the entire wallpaper?
As you can see, compared to the following image that shows the entire wallpaper, I can see only one portion
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Name:	final-result.jpg 
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How do I manage to select a specific X - Y offset for the 3d text? But If this is allowed... a solution for the previous question is needed, otherwise, how do I select where to displace the text?

As you can see it is in the center while as example I'd like to place it towards the right top corner

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Thank you for any kind hint