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    Default Re: Problems registering Xara 19

    Hi Alan... I know all about the shaky body, as I need assistance standing up, and walk and move spastic like, head, body, arms, legs, not quite what we figured would be in our plans for retirement. It is very tiring to say the least, on the whole family, yet we have adjusted... Just what things are... Undo is my best friend lol. I have windows settings for large text, via settings, ease of access, display. Also you always have the magnifying option within the app it's self. As for not getting into a membership site, some cookies are your friends, and passwords are important to write down? Stay strong, cheers

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    Default Re: Problems registering Xara 19

    Quote Originally Posted by wizard509 View Post
    So sorry to hear that ALAN.
    Quote Originally Posted by Egg Bramhill View Post
    Yes, very sorry to hear that too Alan.
    No big deal, Wizard and Egg.

    No apology is needed, I am sure. I wasn't at all offended. It was a perfectly logical question.

    I'm just glad you guys and others are here so that when I have some questions, I can get some answers, or at least opinions.

    Despite this handicap, as well as my age, I still work part-time as a scientific and technical editor.


    The unexamined life is not worth living--Socrates




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