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    Default Re: Xara publishes files in htm. Why?

    no worries - I think I edited the post, as a result you might have missed it, if so sorry
    is it true that we stand on the very edge of an abyss?
    no,of couse not - we used to, but since then we have taken a great step forward...
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    Default Re: Xara publishes files in htm. Why?

    Quote Originally Posted by handrawn View Post
    with the disclaimer that i do not build websites....

    if your target folder is the same for both programs then by default exisiting files in that folder will be overwritten if they have the same name and extension; you may get a prompt to ask for confirmation or you may not, often when uploading to a hosting site you will not, it depends on the settings and operating system

    so if you upload a site to your server folder created with program A, and then upload a site created with program B, if they both output index.html then B will take over from A by overwriting the index.html; some systems may convert program A index.html to index.bak or eqivalent, in others you will lose it

    is this what you mean?
    You bet @handrawn that’s exactly what I mean. I didn’t want to mention other programs, but Xara by default uploads in htm., the iOS uploads in html. I usually solved this problem by deleting images and anything with htm. from the server. It’s easier to upload Xara an opening page index.html, then the IOS program will override and replace index.html.
    Apologies for mentioning another platform. The iOS program doesn’t come close to Xara for my needs and have no intention of moving, but from time to time I do run across folks who run on the Apple platform and who do not want to run Xara through ios . Also I do most photo editing on a Mac, and that’s about it.
    Thanks @handrawn, and @gwpreister for the tips.
    Bill Wood
    Expresiv Designs.
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