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    Default Alignment Function?


    I'm trying to align items on my webpage, but for some reason the alignment button on the Xara toolbar, which I've always used in Xara in the past (for non-webpage purposes) is greyed out.

    Is this normal for designing webpages, or is there some way I can change it?

    The only thing I can think is that maybe alignment doesn't work if I have objects on the webpage set to "push"?
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    Default Re: Alignment Function?

    Could it be that the objects that you're trying to align are on a locked layer?

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    Default Re: Alignment Function?

    WEL, if you have added the Alignment icon from the Button Palette to a custom Toolbar, you will see the icon as three thin white boxes.
    When you click that or press Shift+Ctrl+L, the Object Alignment Dialog opens and the white icon boxes grey out.
    I suppose you could also activate the Align Toolbar - same action occurs with that.
    Push is not a factor.

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    Default Re: Alignment Function?

    Thank you for your feedback. Based on what you said, it appeared to me that Xara itself had gone wonky. I restarted the program, and magically the align button in my taskbar (which was previously permanently greyed out no matter what I did [I didn't have the pop-up box open anywhere]) suddenly started working again.

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    Default Re: Alignment Function?

    I've had this problem when using dual monitors. I may have moved the alignment window to the second monitor and either for not looking on that monitor or having it switched off the arrange option/alignment is greyed out as it's already open but not immeadiately visible.

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