As I am going to lose access to Xara Hosting sometime, as I have dropped any Magix Update Service, now is a good time to find something we can all use.

I have my own domains and so could host anything there.
Not everyone has the nonce for handling all this, so I wanted to find a free and simpler approach.

What I have found fits well with Xara designs:

My space is and I copied in a Xara Export to it within a minute of created the account.

for free, it has:

  • 500 requests / month
  • 100 MB data / month
  • 100 MB storage
  • SSL
  • Drag 'n' Drop files into the browser.

The 500/requests a month limit will tell me how interested TGers are with my offerings.

Once you have set up your account and need guidance as to uploading a Xara design, drop back here and ask.