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    Default Animations created using Xara (and other stuff)

    Here are all my animated videos so far. All graphics and some animated elements were created in Xara, while motion, effects and compositing were all done using VideoMeld.

    "The Ballad of Cormac O'Nissen" is a silly mock-Irish ballad that my sons helped me write - I am half Irish, but I don't really have an Irish accent! This one is more of a slideshow than an animation.

    "Hivemind", "Autumnal Theme", "De Profundis" and "Spinnaker" are my own original instrumentals, played on electric, acoustic and electronic instruments.

    The final two videos are "Sound and Vision" by David Bowie and "Birdland" by Weather Report. Sorry if either of these gets locally blocked by Youtube!
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    Default Re: Animations created using Xara (and other stuff)

    I liked Birdland very much Simon.

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    Default Re: Animations created using Xara (and other stuff)

    I have to agree with Egg, I really liked Birdland!!!!

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    Default Re: Animations created using Xara (and other stuff)

    I liked them all Simon, my favorite is "The Ballad of Cormac O'Nissen".
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