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    Default Controlling a presentation.

    Hi, Just made a short presentation and would like to control it using an 'Airmouse'
    Works fine for changing pages but not for showing the various presentation layers on the page. I then made two invisible rectangles laying to the left and right of each layer in the highest position.. I added web properties to 'show next' or 'show previous presentation' onto these two rectangles. This works fine but it is a little tedious to place the two rectangles on each presentation layer.
    Is it possible to add a fixed layer, which sits on top of all the other layers on the page that is activated as soon as the page is shown? If one could put the control rectangles onto this one layer on each page it would save a lot of fiddling around!
    Maybe this isn't possible or there is an even better way of driving the presentation, looking forward to hearing your comments.

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    Default Re: Controlling a presentation.

    The "fixed layer" of choice is the MouseOff layer.

    Create a left and a right arrow and add <Previous presentation step> & <Next presentation step>.
    Set to Repeat on all pages.
    Airmouse these.

    If you need to jump a page instead, add double arrows wrapping the above and add links <Previous page> & <Next page>.

    If you want to jump to any page, use Web properties > Export > Viewer options: tick Page previews.

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