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    Default Width - 2021 preferred screen resolution

    What is the common or preferred 'width' settings, many of you are using these days ?
    ...this is an old question, just not seeing many post in last year or two

    About to start rebuilding a couple older (much older) web sites I maintain, and looking to take advantage of wider screens (a couple sites were started in the 1024x768 screen days). Also wanting to be mobile friendly. Have looked at the 'scale to fit' feature seems to not be best when the site pages vary greatly, in length (some sub-pages maybe one screen, some maybe two, but some could scroll to 3 to 5 pages down). From what I read, the Scale to Fit does not perform so well on longer pages or sites with mixed lengths.

    The defaults in Xara (I think) are 955 for desktop and 640 on mobile.
    Most desktop or laptop monitors are widescreen and at least 1366 width, many are 1400 to 1600 resolution wide.

    I am playing with 1200 for the desktop variant right now, as know not everyone will have their browser open 'full screen', plus know some will 'zoom in' to make text bigger. But want to use more of the screen width, so wondering if this will be a good compromise on width.

    So just wanted to ask, folks building new sites, what are you using for your main page 'width' ?
    And what are you using for your lower / primary / variant width ?

    And why ?

    thanks in advance !

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    Default Re: Width - 2021 preferred screen resolution

    From a Search for "Average screen size for monitors" https://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_display.asp
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    Default Re: Width - 2021 preferred screen resolution

    Quote Originally Posted by Frolin View Post
    From what I read, the Scale to Fit does not perform so well on longer pages or sites with mixed lengths.
    Frolin, I think you are mixing scale to fit screen with Scale to fit width.

    If you have varying page heights, Scale to screen fits all of the page in and so looks a mess.

    Use Scale to fit width and the page shows its full width and if a long page the vertical scrollbar appears.
    Just don't vary widths across pages for the sake of it.

    It is more important to decide on a maximum width.
    Design Main at 1440px and a maximum of 1920px and you won't go far wrong.
    Design one Variant only at 720px.
    You then cover 480 - 960 with the Variant and 960 - 1440 with Main.
    Set the Pasteboard to the same colour as the page and the stretch to 1920 still looks good.

    Main font size 24px; Variant font size 18px.
    Do check at the breakpoint that the font size jump is not too dramatic.

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    Default Re: Width - 2021 preferred screen resolution

    I've been using 1120px wide for a good while now so it fits in 1280px with some margins, I could probably bring it up to 1200 at this stage and lose some more margin, looks like about 5% or so of desktop users on 1280 or lower. I haven't used "Scale to fit width" yet on a published site although I see if you go with a bigger width you can use it to fit on smaller as well as bigger widths (within reason) which is nice. Hmm something to consider next time.
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    Default Re: Width - 2021 preferred screen resolution

    I wonder, what new computer resolutions are set out of the box. I am sure it is not 1024 or less. I have been designing my desktop at 1130 and mobile at 700.

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    Default Re: Width - 2021 preferred screen resolution


    Thank you, I tried those settings and appear to be having success.
    I have my main page width now set at 1400to see how things go.
    Will see how this works with testing.

    I want to utilize most of a screen if possible, so I tend to have my browser full screen or close to it. I am old school, spent many days explaining to Clients, if they stop 'zooming' the browser to 125-140%, they will stop cutting off the page. if they can't see, buy new glasses - har.

    Priester, thanks, Have found similar search results for monitors.
    But was asking what folks are setting their width to in Xara.



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