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    Question Re: Reload won't separate

    The SVG origin is immaterial as the XDA converts the SVG into shapes.

    Gary's suggestion is all I can visualise.
    I tried with RGBY into four Layers and chose the Export PNG > Options > tick: export each layer to a file of its own.
    I named the file colours and got:

    1. Colours.png - everything
    2. Colours Pasteboard.png - blank
    3. Colours Page background.png - blank
    4. Colours Red.png
    5. Colours Green.png
    6. Colours Blue.png
    7. Colours Yellow.png

    So the separated images are files of filename: basename layername.png

    Were you hoping to separate the colours into channels?

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    Default Re: Reload won't separate

    Quote Originally Posted by gwpriester View Post
    If you put each color on a new layer, then you can export PNG > Options > Export each layer to new file

    Depending on the pixel size of the image, you can use Window > Show Printer Colors > Show Cyan (make screenshot and put on Cyan layer, and repeat this for the other three colors. And then export PNG each layer a new file.

    But the image has to be 96dpi (1:1)
    print seperation ? ah... no way would I be doing that in xara ....
    Wyrd bi ful ard




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