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    Default Swap Fill and Stroke Colors

    Hi - I'm new to the forum and to Designer Pro. Coming from Illustrator. I am wondering if there is an easy way to swap the fill and stroke (line) colors. In Illustrator you just Shift-X to do that. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Swap Fill and Stroke Colors

    short answer - no - but if you open the colour editor you can change them here [or use one of the other methods to set them independently]; swapping is not an option though - if you click on the right hand icon on the colour editor [with doen arrow] you can enter the values manually
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    Default Re: Swap Fill and Stroke Colors

    Mharr33, welcome to TalkGraphics.

    I don't think there is a flip option.
    It depends on whether you are asking about a single shape or design-wide where you have used Named Colours.

    The simplest would be if you have used the colours from a Colour Bar selection and you can remember them both just manually swap them using Click and Shift-Click.

    The second is to open the Colour Editor, select the shape and pick Local fill colour and use the Eyedropper and drag it over the required colour on another shape. Repeat for the Local line colour.

    The third, which I would do for one-offs, is Clone the shape off to one side.
    Use the Colour Bar leftmost colour box and drag Fil to original Line and Line to original Fill.
    Delete the Clone.

    For Named Colour swapping, it would be a blend of the last two steps.
    Use the Colour Editor on the two Named Colours and flip those.

    If you already have the swapped colours in place, you Ctrl+C on that shape then Ctrl+Shift+A on any or all other shapes to flip.

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