This is a Sticky & Closed Thread.
When TGers, new and old, have a problem with running their XDA do link back to this Thread or chase down the Tag 'run as administrator' in the Tag Cloud.

MS Windows Updates and Xara installations invariably have changes to their Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL), common code modules.
If these are already in use, the new DLL will not be installed.
This may cause the XDA to fail in so many ways that is it always best to right-click your Shortcut or executable and pick the 'Run as administrator' option.
This need only be done the once for each new update.

If you follow standard procedure and have as few applications loaded as possibly, conflicts with running DLLs are typically avoided.

  • Close any open Xara application
  • Right-click on your XDA Shortcut > Run as administrator > User Access Control: Yes
    • Ditto the XDA executable
    • MS Search > Apps: Xara > Results pane: Run as administrator
    • MS Taskbar > XDA > Right-click > Right-click XDA fuller name > Run as administrator
    • Close XDA

  • Power off your machine
  • Power on
  • Run XDA as normal