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    Default Re: unreadable diamond marker on color line in XDP18.5

    Quote Originally Posted by Boy View Post
    To prevent confusion, this should read: "... right-click the Colour Bar > Options ..."
    Thanks Boy. It was from memory...

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    Default Re: unreadable diamond marker on color line in XDP18.5

    ok I have isolated the vector [in the other sense of the word] it's the combination of ver 18.5 and the cintiq pro - no way can i get the diamond marker visible on the cintiq, but I can on the asus if the cintiq is not in duplicate screen mode

    over to you xara/magix, I can work round it, but 'Quite simply the world's fastest graphics software' falls flat on it's face once aagin... no other software I have flounces this way
    is it true that we stand on the very edge of an abyss?
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