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I click Open on the File menu and navigate to the filename.gif file and open it that way.

As far as screenshots, you are using a lossless format, which would by its nature retain the quality. 256 colors is certainly not enough for photograph quality, but for me, probably 95% of the screenshots I've done over 20+ years are simple graphics on web pages or inside programs. Clarity over color depth is my goal (as well as keeping it small).

At any rate, other graphics programs have never shown this problem. I import the file, do a little cropping or editing, then save\export it.

Now that I've found a workaround, I'm happy. I don't use this program often, but it's been invaluable over the years.
Thank you for your explanation.

When I use File > Import on a GIF, the image loads into an Animation design file. This is great for animated GIFs. It does preserve the original 'definition'.
If I use File > Import, it is added to any current document.

I took the first approach and then did the second into the Animation page; both images were identical.
If I just drag and drop, I have the same result.

Copy & paste through a third-party application (MS Photos), Xara 'optimises' the image.
If I link to the graphic file (the GIF), I get the same presentation.

Have you run you Xara application with 'Run as administrator'?