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    Cool Help with website development

    Hello everyone

    I am making a project right now, kind of like a coursework for my Web Development uni subject. I want to make something complex so that I could use it not only for uni, but also for my portfolio in the future.

    To give you some examples of what I’m talking about here is this website: https : / / www eleken co / saas web design

    I know it was built using webflow, maybe someone here could help me with implementing something like this, or maybe telling me where to start. I’m completely new to webflow

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    Default Re: Help with website development

    Sorry I have had to prune your weblink.
    I have not checked if you are spamming but you Posted to the wrong Forum, you have no declared Xara software, TG does not work with webflow, which is a no-code approach so few here will have any experience in this and you choose to ask for the Moon.

    To make "something complex", start small and possibly not here.
    Better you show something of your own first-off and ask for constructive criticism.

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