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    Default Internet shopping..

    Internet shopping.. ..and how you may get a discount on your favourite site that doesn't offer one..

    I've known about this for some time, but today it was crystal clear.

    I hadn't been to a particular site for ages and today I visited it and found some stuff at 50% discount together with a further 10% off offer. It doesn't matter what the site is.

    I put two things in the basket and I was logged onto the site.

    This evening I returned to the site. The 50% reduction was no longer on offer and neither was the 10% further reduction. I wasn't impressed.

    I keep Opera as my "expendable" browser so I can use it and regularly wipe all cookies etc.

    So I visited the same site using Opera. Back came the 50% off and the 10% additional offer code. So I logged on again and took the offer.

    The point is not my saving but that through cookies and tracking sites will vary their offer to you. It can often be useful to have a browser when tracking cookies don't exist so you look like a complete stranger to the site. You can save money.

    ..just remember to clear cookies regularly on your chosen "expendable" browser.

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    Default Re: Internet shopping..

    Heh heh. I have noticed many sites that I visit in Edge which is not my primary browser offer a discount. I'll have to remember this next time I shop.
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    Default Re: Internet shopping..

    I have a 'transaction browser' - all my internet shopping is done in this browser; online banking too; when I close the browser cookies/cache/offline site data are all cleared automatically; this browser is also given an extra layer of security by eset

    I have a 'logon' browser for sites eg TG where I wish to remain logged on, but don't need the extra seurity

    I have another browser for using when I think I have enough tabs open already in browser 2 but don't want to close any

    I have a couple more in reserve in case some sites don't work in broswers 1/2/3 which are carefully set up - I can fiddle with a reserve browser on the fly but carefully, until it works [kind of guy I am]

    I've noticed this point you make - for example there is a site I use regularly that offers a 10/20% discount every visit provided I revisit 'cookieless'; it's not the only one
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