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    Default Publishing to KDP - Margins

    I've produced eight books for KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon) and all have sailed through the production process.

    But the one I am working on at the moment was flagged on 20 pages for being outside the margins.

    This was nuts. Because Xara cannot manage separate left and right page settings, I centered the text on each page and left a generous 3/4" margin inside and out well inside the minimum margins.

    Then when I was looking through the preview, I saw the first of the flagged pages. [Smack upside the head!] I have used old style for the page numbers and some extended below the minimum bottom margin.
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    Default Re: Publishing to KDP - Margins

    Gary, to 'parrot-phrase' one of yours, "Glad we could help."

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    Default Re: Publishing to KDP - Margins

    Quote Originally Posted by Acorn View Post
    "Glad we could help."




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