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    Lightbulb Use of TalkGraphics Thread Tags

    This is a suggestion on how to use Thread Tagging for use in the Xara Cloud and the Dear Xara Forums.

    Every new Thread has the mechanism just before the Submit New Thread to include Tags.

    My suggestion is simple:
    • The OP adds a Tag of 'bug' when reporting a Bug with xara cloud or any XDA.
      • This can be refined to 'bug#OP-name' so the OP can readily track their raised Bugs.

    • A Xara Staff member adds a Tag 'logged' when the Bug has be acknowledged in their defect application.
    • A TGer, not Xara staff, has the opportunity of adding Tag 'fixed' after Xara has reported a solution has been deployed.
      • Equally, 'fixed' can be used by the OP as a Withdrawal; Xara can record such as NFF, NFA, Withdrawn or User Fault internally if it requires a closure state.

    • The Tag 'feature request' is handled is the same fashion.

    The benefit is those with an interest can quickly track progress.
    Xara saves time in not needing add a Post when the Bug/Feature Request is being 'logged'.

    Existing Threads can have Tags added retrospectively so we can all start collating Threads to help Xara.

    The Tag Cloud: https://www.talkgraphics.com/tags.php:

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