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    Default Re: Saving as CYMK file, .ai or .eps in Xara ?

    Quote Originally Posted by gaftalik View Post
    It is taking long until Xara freezes and has to close the program but i tried to save a smaller file to pdf/x and worked fine!
    I guess the file has many objects
    Thank you all for your support!
    Do you think your XDA was choking on lack of memory? I can't recall if XDPX11 has always been 64-bit.

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    Default Re: Saving as CYMK file, .ai or .eps in Xara ?


    Could it be a lack of memory having an available physical and virtual memory of about 25GB?
    you're probably right as long as smaller files are successful.
    Thank you

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    Default Re: Saving as CYMK file, .ai or .eps in Xara ?

    One more thought. Sometimes a file gets corrupted. What happens if you create a new page and copy and paste your content into the new page, and then try to export to PDF/X?
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    Default Re: Saving as CYMK file, .ai or .eps in Xara ?

    I just tried that until program was not responding!




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