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    But that's, to a large extent, because Xara more or less stopped developing existing and introducing new drawing features.

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    I agree.

    However, even though the development seems to have stopped. Xara is still the most intuitive to use. I have both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, but always open Xara as my weapon of choice. Workflow is SO much easier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ss-kalm View Post
    That's because everybody and his dog ONLY seem to care about webpages these days.
    Keith, the ONLY audience for creative works is through the Internet so that's why TGers focus on manifest websites and TG seems to be an artistic desert.
    What then happens is creativity get swamped by the mundane.

    Many cite and link to fantastical sites; few seem to follow through and show how they and their XDA can do better for the website or its content. I have skills for the former and few for the latter.

    Your XDA is a tool that has evolved but in some areas has stayed the same so people simply may have found more creative products for their talents.

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