Dear Xara Cloud...

Thank Ana for advising of the latest changes.

Flip and rotate

  • Horizontal Flip - Shift+Drag Left/Right Middle Controls already does this - if you had added a size snap position to these I would have been happier.
  • Vertical Flip - ditto.
  • Rotate - Again, you complicate matters by separating like functions into a Panel. Little ears on the current Rotate paddle would have been much more entertaining.
    The paddle is fine for web work but is a total distraction in Xara Pro+ as are the bounding dash lines. When rotating, both have different presentations and behaviours so switching back and forth is very distracting.

All in all, not very ergonomic.

Letter spacing
  • Where is the Reset to Zero?
  • If this ports to Xara Pro+, make that have a Reset.

Export PDF to Word
  • It isn't really the PDF, it is the page.
  • The option is also under the Share button.

All in all [2], not very ergonomic.