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    Default Xara Designer Pro X365

    When I open my Designer pro X program I get a upgrade offer for XARA Designer Pro X 18. When I go to take the offer it is for Xara Designer Pro X365 is this the same program Before I purchase this I would like to know. Why can't Xara have a correct upgrade number

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    Default Re: Xara Designer Pro X365

    I'll see what I can do for you, when I got that notice to upgrade I was using XDP17, and it upgraded just fine problem is with the upgrade it will do just that and byby XDP17.
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    Default Re: Xara Designer Pro X365

    wallace, this is a Magix nomenclature.

    Magix decided to call its collaboration with Xara, Xara Designer Pro X365 to reflect its Update Service you buy for a whole year. It falls flat in a Leap Year!
    Magix then decided it had to have a brand new spanking version each and every year, regardless of content, so you now have "activations" for Xara Designer Pro X (16), Xara Designer Pro X (17) & Xara Designer Pro X (18).

    Xara Designer Pro X365 & Xara Designer Pro X (16/17/18) are the same beast so if you purchase version 18 as offered, you are updating Xara Designer Pro X365.

    What Larry is alluding to is your upgrade uses the same Licence Number and on some machines, it thinks v18 is a third activation and won't let it happen without uninstalling the prior version.
    Most are lucky and can run v18 alongside v16/17.

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