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    Default Character Map UWP

    Hi, all.
    I wanted to share a recent discovery. Surely, many of you are already familiar with it, but others, perhaps not. Character Map UWP is a powerful font tool for Windows. Unlike the Character Map app that is built into Windows and accessible through Windows Accessories, this one must be downloaded from the Windows Store. The developer is Microsoft, so it is safe, and there is no charge.
    The app allows you to view the characters of all the fonts loaded on the computer, along with their unicodes. You can choose various ways to filter and view them, e.g., by type, weight, style, etc. But most interesting to me is that you can export a character either as a png or an svg. Once you have it in the SVG format, you can load it into your favorite svg-editor app (such as, Inkscape) and manipulate it. Quite a nice capability for those interested in tweaking fonts.
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    Default Re: Character Map UWP

    Great Minds!

    I was about to advise on UWP apps and here's one already baked.

    I was looking at how to launch MS Edge from a URL and in MS W10 is is actually possible.
    In Xara you would change the URL https://www.talkgraphics.com to microsoft-edge:https://www.talkgraphics.com.

    Rather than hijack this Thread, I have raised a separate one: https://www.talkgraphics.com/showthr...ns-from-a-Link

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