Google Font update
Added 40+ new fonts.
Bahianita, Barriecito, Be Vietnam, Beth Ellen, Big Shoulders Display, Big Shoulders, Text, Blinker, Chilanka, Crimson Pro, DM Sans, DM Serif Display, DM Serif Text, Darker Grotesque, Farro, Fira Code, Gayathri Grenze, Hepta Slab Lacquer Lexend Deca Lexend Exa, Lexend Giga, Lexend Mega , Lexend Peta, Lexend Tera, Lexend Zetta, Libre Caslon Display, Libre Caslon Text, Literata, Liu Jian Mao Cao, Livvic, Long Cang, Ma Shan Zheng, Manjari, Mansalva, Noto Sans HK, Red Hat Display, Red Hat Text, Saira Stencil One, Turret Road, Vibes, Zhi Mang Xing

Migration to
In order to unify our Xara Cloud services, we have moved from to This might require an update of password managers.

Please note: Current links to documents will be redirected automatically.

Usability improvements
  • Improved visibility of object bounds on multi-selection
  • Improved out of the box zoom levels for the document view
  • Improving the auto-scroll behavior for text selection

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements
  • General bug fixes and stability improvements
  • PDF import improvements