Release Notes:

Asset and Brand Improvements
When adding a logo to your brand in the Brand Editor, your logo will now also be automatically saved to your team's assets for use in your documents. Both logos and inverted logos are saved, which are accessible from the Logos folder. You can read more about Team Assets here - Team Assets.

Document Editor Improvements
The rounding handle will now show a visual indicator as you drag, rather than as before a frame around the whole object.

Click image for larger version. 

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We've also introduced outlines when hovering over objects on the page, to give a better indication as to what will be selected when clicked. When hovering over an object that is part of a locked group, Cloud will also show the bounds around the whole group instead of the individual object.

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Bug Fixes and Other Improvements
  • Fixed an issue which prevented exported PPTX documents from opening in PowerPoint
  • Fixed an issue which caused brands to fail to apply black fonts to documents
  • When making a copy of a document, it will always open in a new tab instead of prompting
  • Improved PDF import kerning accuracy
  • Fixed an issue which caused the link context menu to not show until a second click
  • Fixed an error when trying to import a font that included a hash character
  • Fixed an error when moving the caret with the keyboard and deleting in quick succession
  • General editor reliability improvements