Release Notes:

Document Analytics
In this update we've added analytics to your shared documents, removing the guesswork and giving you some insight into how your documents are performing with their viewers.

Analytics can be a powerful tool to improve the content of your pages, finding out if users view all the material, the country of your audience and more. You can view more information about analytics in the main article here:

Selection Handle Improvements
For very small objects, or when you are zoomed out very far, the side handles (for resizing the object) are hidden. This has been improved so that we show these handles for longer whilst there is still room to show them.

Text Editing Improvements
We've made many improvements to editing text, namely improving the performance when editing text with kerning, or fully justified text. This can be common in PDF documents and will greatly improve the speed and efficiency when editing the text within.

Drag and Drop Improvements
Dragging from the left-hand add panel into your document has been improved to be a smoother and more seamless experience.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements
  • Fixed an error when cutting a table within flowing text
  • Fixed an issue with rounding handles when making a photo circular
  • Fixed an issue when disconnecting all cloud drives
  • Improved redraw of photos after moving