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    Default Re: Albrecht Dürer and my passion for woodcut art

    It's looking great Ernie, I think you are making good progress. I can really see the detail in the document information screenshot you posted.

    I think, probably like Egg, I have quite a light touch using a Wacom tablet. Despite a fair amount of use, I rarely have to replace nibs. I can imagine though with this woodcut simulation technique, it must pleasing to have a surface texture to draw against.


    I don’t think I’ve knowingly tried true Bavarian beer (yet). I’ve just been reading about the different types. They sound very refreshing, but quite different to the beers I usually drink, which are generally warm, dark, full bodied and complex with a sweet and fruity character!!!
    Jon (Jono)- Xara Designer Pro X DL x64 Mar 18 2021

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    Default Re: Albrecht Dürer and my passion for woodcut art

    @ Jonopen: you should try some varieties of Bavarian beer.

    At my last job in Ireland 2018, I was in Ballycroy County Mayo for a week. In the evening, I went to the pub with friends and enjoyed Guinness.
    On the way home I had been in the airport for about an hour.
    In a beer pub I had the opportunity to taste some British beers and all the beers I tasted where good to verry good.

    The German prejudice British beers would taste like cat’s piss I can’t understand.

    And here is the next progress, enjoy!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Dürer 4-7.jpg 
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ID:	129332Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Dürer 4-8.jpg 
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    BTW I bought a new Drawing Tablet, not a Wacom but a cheap Chinese Huion.
    What may I say: for this price it's miles better than my old Wacom.
    It has 8191 pressure points and 5080 LPI pen resolution.
    The Wacom has 2000 pressure points and only 2400 LPI pen resolution. At the time I bought it, it's cost 1080,- €.

    For the Huion I pay only 56,- €.
    O.K. its smaler then the Wacom but with the double resolution it's more accurate and I have more space on my desktop.

    I drew 3 days and the nib is like new. No abrasion.

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    Default Re: Albrecht Dürer and my passion for woodcut art

    Amazing work Ernie !

    I also love Durer's work. And German Beer. And British beer. Just not the Italian one, no offense.




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