Release notes:

Team Assets
We've made some major changes to our team assets feature, improving their usability and ease of access for all members, and introducing an integrated cloud storage for your team.

Main Improvements:

Direct Upload - No need to configure a cloud storage, all stored in one central location

Easy Updates - Customise the file directly on XC and save it back to your assets. One click button to remove assets.

Live Previews - Full visibility of all assets via the side panel. Simplified workflow

If you are unfamiliar with assets - these are reusable objects that you can save for future use, and insert into your documents as many times as you want. You can save your logo, images, and components (such as text panels, diagrams, footers, groups of objects etc...).

Click here for the full guide to team assets.

Vizzlo Chart Components

Within the diagrams section of the add panel, we've added a new section - Charts by Vizzlo. These are some pre-made, but fully editable charts that you can quickly insert into your documents.

After inserting the chart, select it, and click on the edit button on the context menu to then open Vizzlo and edit as normal.

Click here for more information on Vizzlo Charts.

Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed an error when performing a replace from cloud drive action
  • Fixed an issue which caused certain emoji's to appear at the incorrect size
  • Fixed an issue which caused document thumbnails to not show when browser through drive folders
  • Fixed an issue which caused the team setup screen to not appear
  • Fixed an issue which caused an operation taking too long message to appear despite successful activation
  • Fixed an issue which caused arrow smartshape to resize incorrectly
  • PDF filename will now match the document's filename when downloading from share to web.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the edit Vizzlo diagram to open more than 1 tab
  • Fixed an issue which caused photo effects / contones to be removed when double clicking the rotate button
  • Fixed an error when copying from WhatsApp Web
  • Fixed an issue which caused text outlines to not be visualised
  • Various server and client side fixes that improve reliability