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    Default Whitening/brightening eyes

    Any tips, please, on how to whiten and brighten eyes, in either Xara Pro XII or Xara Photo and Graphic Designer 10? I'm working with a photo image of an older person.


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    Default Re: Whitening/brightening eyes

    Not really, the only thing II can think of is masking all the photo except for the parts you want to work on for instance the whites of the eyes then do it again for the iris and pupils there is a way to select and change a single color from a bitmap image. There are some good videos on YouTube on how to do that.

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    Default Re: Whitening/brightening eyes

    Yeah, agree with Larry. And if you do more than a subtle lightening it will look grotesque.
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    Default Re: Whitening/brightening eyes

    Ok thanks. I took it into Adobe Lightroom and did it there.






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