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    Default Re: Xara Designer Pro X 17 new user questions

    The difference is once you purchase Designer Pro X or Pro+ or Web Designer you own those programs forever. The subscription gives you access to the Content Catalog and updates and bug fixes.
    I don't think thats the case with Pro+ Gary. On expiry you can no longer use the program.

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    Default Re: Xara Designer Pro X 17 new user questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Initiostar View Post
    The corollary to that is should there be a major update in your active service period, that becomes the fullback release available via your Magix Account product downloads page.
    I don't believe this is correct. if there is a major release during your active service, you can download and use it indefinitely. However if you have to reinstall, the latest version you can install is the version that you actually purchased.

    In my case I purchased V15 and during my active service downloaded 15.1 and up to 16.3 which I currently use. If I have to reinstall I believe my fallback version is 15.0 (complete with squishy/squashy bug). Can someone please confirm that this is the case. (I must explain that due to a complaint to Magix that meant I had to reinstall 15.0 after my update service expired, I was kindly given 6 months of additional service, to allow me to update to a later version).

    EDIT: Going into my products page it does appear it will let me download V16. Whether my Product Code will function on that version is up for debate. But I'm not going to uninstall to try it. Maybe I don't have to live with the squishy /squashy bug sometime in the future. If not, then thank you Gary, I've learned something.
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    Default Re: Xara Designer Pro X 17 new user questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Acorn View Post
    @jyaam4, the Update Service is confusing. Have a read of https://www.talkgraphics.com/showthr...Update-Service.

    I'm reading this now. Very interesting. Thank you, this explains a lot.




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