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Thread: Lines to Shapes

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    Quote Originally Posted by handrawn View Post
    just to recap

    you cannot make a line into an editable shape unless you make it into a shape first.. as has been pointed out
    Indeedy. Just tried it and found out that little tidbit. I didn't realize the convert to editable shape only worked on preexisting shapes.

    Been using this package since 1997 and I'm still learning new things about it.

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    Default Re: Lines to Shapes

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    Default Re: Lines to Shapes

    Convert to Editable Shapes converts shapes such as those created with the Rectangle, Ellipse and Smart Shape to editable shapes whereby you can edit them with the Shape Tool. It does the same for Text too.

    Convert Line to Shape converts a line say of 200px x 16px to a rectangle of the same dimensions. Of course if the line is curved it converts it to a curved shape.

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    Default Re: Lines to Shapes

    Just use the shape painter tool(shift+b)
    Hold alt+drag for straight lines
    Hold ctrl+alt+drag to constrain to set angles(utilities>options>general>angle constraints)




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