Release notes:

Brand Creator

We've overhauled the whole brand creation process, making it easier to create, edit and apply a brand to your document. The new brand wizard to guide you through creating your brands with simplified options and a quick preview to see how your theme will appear.

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Open a document or template, and click on the brand dropdown to select or create a brand

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Brands can also now be set to automatically be applied whenever you open a new template. Simply click on Manage Brands and select the star icon to do so...

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You can learn more about setting up and brands here.

Multi-user Undo

Previously, the undo operation was not possible when multiple people were collaborating on a document at the same time, or at least didn't work after another user made an edit. We're working to improve this, and in this first update for undo, each user's operations have their own unique record, and will be able to undo your changes despite other member's edits within your document.

This is still work in progress and so limited for the time being. There are many operations that may prevent undo from working, such as adding pages for example. Simple operations such as editing text or images can be undone.

Vertical Smart Duplication

Similar to the Smart Duplication that was released in the previous update, we've improved this to now work vertically as well as horizontally. Select an object and you should see the duplicate icon appear at the bottom.

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Other Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue which caused text to overlap when importing a PDF file
  • Fixed an issue which caused timeout errors when replacing images
  • Fixed an error when dragging page panel to scroll
  • Fixed a crash when editing tables
  • Clicking on the + symbol on a Chevron shape will now add the shape
  • Fixed a crash when accepting an invitation from another team whilst already signed into another.
  • Improved PDF import accuracy and reliability.
  • Improved reliability when importing word documents.
  • Fixed an error when loading a document that did not have the font within team fonts.

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