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    Default TG Thanks Acorn and Egg!

    Its a little something I picked up in another thread. One of these gentlemen was headed to bed at 6 am. That means that those of us on Central time and close have the benefit of Acorn and Egg when we are NOT in bed.
    Hows that for dedication? I know in Canada Im working on my sites, and Egg and Acorn are up for questions.
    I think that Egg and Acorn deserve a huge thanks from our community.
    Would you sacrifice your night time hours to help those in daylight and different time zones.
    It amazes me @acorn and @egg. Respect!

    Bill Wood
    Expresiv Designs.
    Charity Web Design
    XARA Pro+. WD17, Designer 17. Premium packages.

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    Default Re: TG Thanks Acorn and Egg!

    Bill, appreciated.

    I am used to working worldwide with clients.
    I once had to handle Japan, Australia, Europe, UK and America daily over a nine-month period, which led to some interesting work patterns.
    Egg, however, is all scrambled up at the best of times.

    Acorn - installed and active Xara software: Cloud+/Pro+, XDPX, XWD Premium 15 & 12, XPGD10, X3D7, Xara Xtreme 5, back through time (to CC's Artworks).
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    Default Re: TG Thanks Acorn and Egg!

    Yes thanks Bill. It's not dedication to Xara more my normal sleep pattern. I've always had issues with falling asleep even as a child. My natural body clock left untouched tends to have me going sleep at around 3 to 4 in the morning. I've always envied folks that can drop-off to sleep like turning off a swith.

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    Default Re: TG Thanks Acorn and Egg!

    +1 for both! All time they are helping the community with all kind of solutions for troubleshooting, esp. in the web-things.

    Xara should be grateful to us. We do support for free!

    I fight know for ca. 6 years to get one, maybe two, of my artworks in the Xara-Gallery. Nothing happens. There is no interest!?!
    For me it doesn't matter, I know what I can draw and reach with Xara, but we as sworn Xaraians keep the things here going on.

    Stay all haelthly and have a nice Sunday-Eve.

    From Bavaria, Ernie

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    Default Re: TG Thanks Acorn and Egg!

    @Acorn and Egg, A big heart felt thank you from me.
    Larry a.k.a wizard509

    Never give up. You will never fail, but you may find a lot of ways that don't work.

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    Default Re: TG Thanks Acorn and Egg!

    Quote Originally Posted by wizard509 View Post
    @Acorn and Egg, A big heart felt thank you from me.
    A heartfelt 'Thanks' to both of you, Acorn and Egg...
    ...And no thanks from MagiXara, who used to have a more personal approach, back in the day before the unholy alliance.
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    Default Re: TG Thanks Acorn and Egg!

    Owner/Creative Director @ Designfacet
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