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    Default Re: aspects of climate change - whatever the cause

    My apartment in Studio City (north of LA)
    My grandmother's house was in Studio City and I used to stay there sometimes when my mom was working. (She was an actress). We lived on the other side of the hill.

    Egg - Steve wanted to not focus on what should be obvious to anyone paying attention but sadly has been made political. Global warming is creating a whole population of people who will have to relocate because of the changing planet.
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    Default Re: aspects of climate change - whatever the cause

    too right Gary.. there is going to be mass movement/relocation of population across the globe; [and it is too late to stop this, it has already started] and I was wondering just how much this has perculated into the public awarness

    climate change brings all manner of issues, not least the availability of clean affordable water to drink - we are caught between evolving arid desert and the rising deep blue sea so to speak

    but the loss of of species over the past 100 years IS manmade
    humanity is as much a part of nature as was any of the other natural causes of mass extinction in geological past, and I really do not think human nature is going to change anytime soon..
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