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    Lightbulb Animated text - how to get an object to fade back out

    I'm thoroughly enjoying my transition to WD Pro 17. I was going to use Webflow but didn't want to pay the ongoing fees.

    1) The one thing that really has me stumped is how to undo an animation. For example, I want to have text fade in and out. I can fade it in, but how do I fade it out?

    My current solution is to create a white rectangle (the color of the page) and have it fade in over the text. It makes the text appear to be fading out. But I have a site where I need to flash numerous questions on the web page and have them fade out in rapid succession. This strategy won't work when the page background is color or, potentially, when the size of the browser gets changed.

    What it seems v.17 could use is another animated setup panel that allows the user to do something else with the object. In my case, fade out. Or it could be is scrolls off the screen.

    2) Secondary question: is there a place to put in change requests to Xara?

    Thanks all. Michael

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    Default Re: Animated text - how to get an object to fade back out

    Hi Michael

    The Dear Xara forum https://www.talkgraphics.com/forumdi...p?56-Dear-Xara is the place to post feature requests. But I am not sure that Xara checks that page very often. But it is always worth a try.

    Have reverse web animations is something many of us have been asking for for years but so far no luck. And the technique you are using is what I would suggest.



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