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    Default Product Update - Cloud - R81 - 5th August 2020

    Small-ish update this one, more to come soon..

    Release notes: https://docs.xara.com/en/articles/43...th-august-2020

    Improved Tables
    We've been making further improvements to our tables. Along with more bug fixes and reliability improvements, you can now tab through your cells for easier editing and selection. Click within your cell and press Tab to go forward to the next cell, or Shift + Tab to go back. Once you reach the last row's cell, pressing Tab will add a new row below.

    More table improvements are on their way so stay tuned!

    Support Access
    Need help setting up your account or having problems with a particular file? Now you can enable Xara support to access your account from the settings menu under Advance..

    This will temporary give our support team access to your account so we can assist you. Please see this guide for full details.

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    Default Re: Product Update - Cloud - R81 - 5th August 2020

    This may have come about in an earlier release (R80) but is the more useful: https://docs.xara.com/en/articles/43...enu-functions/.

    Thank you for including the release number, it helps.

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