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    Lightbulb Horizontal scroll on a Supersite - Prevent sub pages from being included?

    Hi all, I'm brand new to Xara WD Pro 17, so why not start with Supersites? I like the program so far, and it took awhile, but I figured out how to build multiple pages into a horizontal scrolling page. Very slick. However, I will have a menu and need to be able to prevent sub pages from appearing in the first level of pages. I can't see any way to prevent a set of pages from appearing on the Supersite layout.

    Second question: there are equivalent page width layouts for mobile, smaller and larger browser windows, etc. 1024, 940, 640, etc. When I'm using a horizontal scrolling system, are there default heights I might also lock down in defining the height of a page, or is it too difficult to determine how high a browsers page display are will be due to menus and toolbars?

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    Default Re: Horizontal scroll on a Supersite - Prevent sub pages from being included?

    Not sure what you have done, but you can disable the standard supersite navigation controls in v17 and replace them with your own menu. That way you can have a main page with links to other pages from within a main page.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Supersite Navigation_Page Selection.jpg 
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    The code to disable navigation is borrowed from the from another thread on the ultimate supersite slider and goes in the website HTML. You still might see the navigation control popup, but it does have a don't show this again option.

    HTML Code:
    <style>#xr_pnava{display:none !important},#xr_pnavp{display:none !important},#xr_palrt{display:none !important}
    (function(){if(typeof(xr_prinit4)=="function"){var o=xr_prinit4;xr_prinit4=function()
    The attached example uses Export option Scale-to-fit-Width, but the answer to your second question is down to your mobile design- that's for you. Vertical scrolling is a better option for portrait mobile.

    For info here is a link to a supersite slider demo https://initiostar.co.uk/demo/Cube/#xl_xr_page_index-b.
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    Default Re: Horizontal scroll on a Supersite - Prevent sub pages from being included?

    The cleanest approach i can think of is to put your sub-pages on Layers and use the menu only on those pages where you want to see a sub-page.

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