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    Default Product Update - Cloud - 20th July 2020

    Product update for Xara Cloud - 20th July 2020

    Full release notes here: http://docs.xara.com/en/articles/425...20th-july-2020

    Improved Context Menus

    In this update we've improved the context menu that appears when selecting objects and text, providing you with easier access to the most useful functions..

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hover over these options to also see a tooltip on what they do. The options that appear are dependant on your selection, so only the relevant tools are shown.

    Bug fixes and improvements

    • Fixed an issue which caused images to be corrupted upon import
    • Fixed an issue when deleting a repeating object from context menu only deleted that one copy
    • Fixed positioning of the 'link to' context menu when selecting a SmartField.
    • Fixed an issue which caused an infinite loading screen when accessing
    • Improved performance and reliability when importing PDF documents
    • Fixed an error when editing a Smart Layout with images inside
    • Fixed an error when adding and removing table columns
    • Improved error message when importing or opening a non supported file type
    • Fixed an error when pasting some text or duplicating a page
    • Fixed an error when inserting a SmartField and immediately pressing enter

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    Default Re: Product Update - Cloud - 20th July 2020

    Thank you Rob.

    I would appreciate if you could advise the version release of future updates. This one is App info: v80.0 (6d17b10).

    On looking at the new presentation, I note the high use of SVG graphics. Can you address this omission in Xara Pro+ designs as rendering a site with JPG/JPG for icons and simple graphics is wasteful and CSS cannot achieve much with them?
    Also, I assume, the adoption of <filename>.GID.suffix is an approach to overcome browser caching. Can this too be implemented on Xara Pro+?

    Bug - I created a document in Pro+ that has an image with Text Inside to see what the new context menus would find.
    The document is Xara - Text Inside Image.xar, https://cloud.ixara.com/?doc=ufY502zxsd, to which Rob, you have access.
    The text displays but no image. I check in Vivaldi and Edge.

    This negates my use of Text Inside with images.

    Feature Request - when I have saving a Pro+ file to a Cloud service that my Xara Cloud+ is aware of, why can the picking of Share > Open Xara Cloud, not open the same file in Cloud+?

    Acorn - installed and active Xara software: Cloud+/Pro+, XDPX, XWD Premium 15 & 12, XPGD10, X3D7, Xara Xtreme 5, back through time (to CC's Artworks).
    Raise software faults with MagiXara: http://support.magix.net/; if Cloud+/Pro+: https://xara.com/contact-us/




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