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    Default How to position objects on screen?

    Hi guys
    I`m going round in circles for what should be (I think) a simple task. I have created 9 different objects all 75mm x 25mm and saved them as jpg files. I want to be able to print these on an a4 piece of paper. I create a new a4 portrait and then open one of the objects and thinking I could just copy/paste this onto the a4 sheet at actual size doesn`t seem to work as the objects look much bigger than they should be and I want them to print the correct size.
    I used Affinity Designer to create the objects and now wondering if I`ve made them the wrong size?.
    Hopefully this shows a grab of one of the 75mm objects on an a4 form
    forgot to say the 9mm just refers to the circle diameter and I`m using xp&gd and also xara page&layout
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    Default Re: How to position objects on screen?

    If they are JPEGs, then select one and see what the resolution is (dpi). I suspect the images might be resizing when you import them.

    But if possible, save them from Affinity as PDF and this will preserve the vector images. Then you can drag and drop or import the PDF into Xara and your objects will be vector which can be scaled to any size and that should print better.
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    Default Re: How to position objects on screen?

    Affinity Designer is creating a JPEG at 300dpi.
    On import to your Xara app, Xara is rendering images at 96 dpi for web presentation.

    You have to resize down 57% (56.57%) to show 300dpi to scale correctly.

    Which all begs the question: Why use Affitiny Designer at all?
    Your example is easy to set up in Xara: type in 9mm, 25mm & 75mm and it will fit exactly; you will see px but Xara does the maths for you.

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    Default Re: How to position objects on screen?

    Thanks for the helpful replies guys. I created the objects in Aff designer on my laptop (while away from home) which doesn't have xp&gd installed and then posted it to myself to complete on my desktop which I then tried to do the copy/pasting.(I don't do things the easy way ��)
    I realise I should have waited and designed them back home but I had no idea xp&gd would import them differently. To conclude I relaunched Aff Designer on my desktop and it did exactly what I wanted. I'll design things like this in xara in future��




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