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    Default attempted upgrade to web designer 17 premium

    I paid for an upgrade to web designer premium 17 but have not received a confirming email nor activation code, so I cant use it.

    Money has been taken by Xara, & they have confirmed I am upgraded but I have no codes to allow me to fireup v17.

    I was then given a "ticket number" regarding my need for an activation code, but that was nearly 2 weeks ago and no response from Xara.
    (yes I have checked my junk mail folder)

    Any helpful suggestions appreciated.


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    Default Re: attempted upgrade to web designer 17 premium

    The simplest resolution, assuming you purchased WDP from Magix (Xara's distribution partner) is to download the trial version at the bottom of this page:


    Assuming too, you have a Magix account, logon to it here: https://www.magix.com/gb/. Go to My Products and if your order was actually processed, you should see it here along with the activation code which should start P-xxxx....

    You will need the email address you registered with Magix (or the one previously used for your Xara account - they are the same unless you have changed them) plus your password.

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    Default Re: attempted upgrade to web designer 17 premium

    Thank you "Initiostar"
    Your solution worked, thank you so much for taking the time to help me. I was not aware I could sign in to Magix & access "my products".
    I am now activated & ready to create a Facebook advertisement.

    I am dissapointed Magix/Xara did not offer to help, but who needs 'em. Love this forum!




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