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    Default Re: NYT Novel Treatment of an Old Yet Very Topical Issue

    Boy +1 Beautifully said. And if I am not mistaken, English is not your first language?
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    Default Re: NYT Novel Treatment of an Old Yet Very Topical Issue

    Thanks, Gary.

    I studied English in the US. I love the English language but am still nervous about being corrected by native speakers (hence my edit). This unease, I'm discovering, was/is covering another, deeper vulnerability: speaking from the heart in public. It's almost like learning a new language. :-)

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    Default Re: NYT Novel Treatment of an Old Yet Very Topical Issue

    Quote Originally Posted by Boy View Post
    Handrawn, what about both -- yours and the author's -- interpretations being right? The boy might be insecure as a child often is while growing up and, at the same time, he can be confident that he will not be treated as the African Americans were at that time. Perhaps this double standard even confuses him and he, as such, embodies this.

    The NYT presentation is an artist's attempt at laying bare some of the harsh and ugly dynamics and roots of racism. It talks to us all, whatever our individual or shared identity.

    To me this artwork is about the pain of denying the truth that we’re all human and, hence, equal. There’s the pain that's felt by those who are on the receiving end of injustice and there’s the pain that’s unfelt by those who self-righteously impose it.
    yes of course - and you are starting to go into a more detailed and considered analysis of the photograph there, which is what it merits; that is the beauty of really good social photography, it does not deserve to be labelled in such a simplistic way as was done, but hey, that's [social-medis age] journalism for you...
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