Hi everyone,

Apologies, this was released a little while ago and I keep meaning to post it here.

Before everyone jumps on to the version number change, don't read too much into it. As this version is separate from the Designer Pro X, to avoid confusion between them we've updated it (especially considering it will receive more updates and features).

Date: 4th June 2020
Version Number:

What's New

Improved Web Export of Documents
Web documents published in Designer Pro+ (such as presentations or SuperSites) now have the same flexible User Interface as Xara Cloud ‘Share To Web’ documents. There are some new easy to use page and zoom controls at the bottom of the page, and the option for viewers to download the document as a PDF or set it to full screen view at the top.

In Designer Pro+ you can decide whether or not to include the downloadable PDF of your document - see the new Include a PDF download option on the Utilities > Web Export Options … dialog. When included the PDF is generated with default High Quality settings.The new user interface appears for all types of documents from presentations to print (SuperSites), but websites continue to export as before. When the PDF option is on, the UI includes a large top bar that has a Powered by Xara logo in the top left corner. If you wish to disable this top bar, you can do so by turning off the PDF option in the Web Export Options dialog.

Tool Switch on SmartShape insertion
In previous versions we select the QuickShape tool whenever a SmartShape is inserted into a document, so that the object’s smart handles are visible. However since we now have the option to show smart handles in the Selector Tool we now select this tool instead when smart handles are on (as they are by default).

Don’t resize SVGs on import
Imported SVG graphics are no longer scaled, they are imported at the size defined by the SVG, with the exception of images from Pixabay (because their sizes are wide ranging and unpredictable).

Other Fixes & Minor Improvements
Fixed an issue which caused the color editor dialog to lose dropdown menu after changing height
Fixed an issue which caused the Get Color from Photo tool to be disabled whilst photo is selected
Fixed invalid embedded repelling objects when importing Word documents
Fixed an issue which caused certain .docx files to crash Designer Pro+
Fixed an issue where 1bpp images were being corrupted on export to PDF
Fixed an issue which caused text formatting to enter an infinite loop
Fixed an error which caused Designer Pro+ to not shut down cleanly
Fixed an error when pasting the contents of another file with a locked MouseOff layer

Let me know if anyone has any questions on this release. Next one is due in a couple of weeks. As a reminder, there is a free trial of DP+ you can try here: https://xara.com/xara-cloud-plus/new-bundle/