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    Default Navigation Bar repelling

    Hello everybody,

    Does anyone know how to make the submenu pop-up in a navigation bar text repellent?
    At this moment the the Nav Pop-up covers the text below, I would like that it is pushes aside.

    Thanks in advance for anyway answer, tips.

    have a great sunny day

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    Info Re: Navigation Bar repelling

    Matheus, it can't work that way.

    Xara exports static layout so the under-text is fixed in position.

    If it is important, you could rebuild the NavBar functionality into separate pop-up layers for each sub-menu and have the required under-text "repelled", but you have to cover up that text on the MouseOff layer to achieve the effect.
    With suitable transition effects you could make it quite snazzy.

    Xara - Sub-Menu Effects.xar


    P.S. @Xara - another Bug with Text Paragraph Background - it destroys any Mouse-over action!
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    Default Re: Navigation Bar repelling

    If the Nav Bar is set to Sticky or Stick at Top (right click on the Nav Bar then select Web Sticky/Stretchy Properties) then it will remain in place on top of the other content on the page when the viewer scrolls down the page.

    Is this what you mean?
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    Default Re: Navigation Bar repelling

    Does anyone know how to make the submenu pop-up in a navigation bar text repellent?
    At this moment the the Nav Pop-up covers the text below, I would like that it is pushes aside
    You can create a one line menu bar (mine scrolls in from the top). Any link from the main menu, that has a submenu, links to a submenu layer that scrolls over the main menu, with a home link to return back to the main menu (buy closing the named popup menu).

    You could of course have a submenu sit immediately below the main menu too. Once you are OK with the complete menu operation, for each menu layer, you select all objects and set them to repeat on all pages; you have then the full menu system on all pages. This works well for the desktop in a horizontal and vertical format, but you need to switch to vertical for a mobile variant and add a link to your main menu structure that remains sticky.

    In the example (attached) both the main menu and submenus are 'sticky', but if you want, they could scroll out of view; this is achieved by placing a single sticky button with 'top of page' set. I use the standard hamburger menu icon but have it set to top of page. Then, when a visitor hits the icon button for 'top of page', the main menu bar scrolls back into view. You can see an example on the mobile version for https://barnesbowling.org.

    Back to your main question!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	One Line Menu Bar.jpg 
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    The Xara example doc is attached for you to play with!

    I intentionally avoid Xara's sub-menu, it's very limited.

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