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    Default Please, please, PLEASE can we have a 4K compatible UI (user interface)

    Dear Xara

    Please, please, PLEASE can you update the Xara Designer Pro user interface to make it compatible with high res screens!


    Like many advanced users, I have a high resolution (4K) screen. In order for all our Windows 10 applications to be readable we are forced to increase the "Scaling" of the Windows operating system. In my case I have set it to "175%" - anything smaller results in text that is so small it creates eye-stain. That said, I understand many other users have theirs set even higher. e.g."200%" is common. As we all know, at such high scaling we users have a choice of EITHER having the User Interface readable (but the main area of the screen blurred) OR having the main area of the screen sharp, but the user inteface illegible.

    Please can you sort this issue out. ALL your other enhancements and new features of your software are irrelevant until and unless you resolve this issue.
    I have been a huge fan of Xara for over 10 years. However I will definitely not upgrade until you do so.



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    Default Re: Please, please, PLEASE can we have a 4K compatible UI (user interface)

    déjà vu

    I hope xara listen but I think their concentration is currently elsewhere
    what can I say ?



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