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    It's simple - or should I say "easy when you know how" - after all the struggle, doing it lots now. Take it step by step and follow the instrctions. here is mine: https://www.feel-good.today/downloads/for_anxiety.htm if you click on the icon the download starts in your browser - defaulting ot download ot your "downloads" folder [win10, no idea about were it goes on a mac]

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    Thank you all... wanted to clarify purpose:
    My brother teaches and coaches grief relief (in a faith based theme) so as an addon to his support info and videos he is giving the opportunity to:
    (1) willingly register to a - news letter type of thing - then after that you get the download (for free).
    So users will share their names and emails then get the download and be redirected to the website where(2) they can review and decide if they want to join the subscription videos.

    that is the premise - was trying to avoid the "click here to download" if possible.

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    Like this? https://www.feel-good.today/findingg.../subscribe.htm This is simple to do, just add a web form to your page. This form uses HubSpot (all Free) it gathers the e-mail's in it's database for re-targeting and can send you an e-mail with a download link once you have provided your details.

    Xara has some buyilt in forms but I've not used them.




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