We're excited to announce a totally new option for customers who want to get the best of Xara products and services.

With our new product bundle Xara Cloud+ you get access to both our desktop application Designer Pro+ (the most current version of our longstanding desktop application Xara Designer Pro X), and our best-in-class online editor Xara Cloud. It's the perfect all-in-one solution for those who value the ability to design anything, anywhere and on any device. And as those of you who've already used Xara Cloud know, it's ideal for collaborating with colleagues or friends on your Xara documents. Another bonus is the much larger template pool, combining the contents of the OCC with the 1500+ templates in Xara Cloud - good news if you need to quickly create a new document, or you're simply looking for a source of inspiration and creative ideas.

Xara Cloud+ is a pure subscription model with monthly and annual options, and will benefit from the frequent updates that you'd expect with a subscription (to both Xara Cloud and Designer Pro+). Xara will also provide direct support for Designer Pro+ bought as part of this bundle.

Last but not least Xara Cloud+ is extremely cost effective compared with the cost of subscribing to Xara Cloud & purchasing the Designer Pro Update Service separately especially during our short launch offer for desktop owners who start new subscriptions - and that can never be a bad thing! Simply enter coupon TALKGRAPHICS during purchase to get 50% off Year 1 (existing Xara Cloud subscribers contact us). Find out more @ https://www.xara.com/xara-cloud-plus/new-bundle/ or check our FAQs at https://help-cloud-plus.xara.com/ - or simply sign up for the free Cloud+ trial @ https://cloud.ixara.com/. If you already have a Xara Cloud account with an existing but expired trial, contact us via PM or the FAQs page.

Kate Moir @ Xara