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    Default JUST RELEASED: An update to Xara Photo & Graphic Designer

    We've just released an Update Service update to Photo & Graphic Designer, available now.Additions include some very flexible new heading& paragraph styles (backgrounds and borders), support for tab leaders,updates to all the major import/export formats, and some great new social media templates in the Online Content Catalog.

    You can find a summary of these and other new features & content on our website @ https://www.xara.com/photo-graphic-designer/whats-new/ and full details on all the v17updates in the Release Notes @ http://releasenotes.xara.hosting/pho...c-designer-17/.

    Important: If you have an active Update Service there will be no charge for the update but you will still need to re-download Photo & Graphic Designer,
    there is no auto-update: https://www.xara.com/photo-graphic-designer/download/

    If your Update Service has expired then you can renew your Update Service / upgrade in order to get v17 and other updates since your version (go to the Photo &Graphic Designer page on magix.com and click Upgrade). You can find info on those previous updates at
    https://www.xara.com/photo-graphic-d...ats-new/older/. You can install the v17 trial alongside your current version.

    And as always you can find separate info on what’s new in Xara Cloud @ https://docs.xara.com/latest-updates.

    Enjoy the new features.

    Kate Moir @ Xara
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