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    Default Learning Platform in Xara

    I'm sure this has been posted about before I just am not quite sure what to search for, so help would be greatly appreciated. Are there plug ins or suggestions for how to add online learning platforms with Xara? I am looking for a way to gather a group of up to 10 people with 2 way video and also the ability to show pre-recorded videos. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

    Note: I am hoping to do this within Xara if possible rather than using an outside learning platform.

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    Default Re: Learning Platform in Xara

    Are you asking how to embed such a product so it works within a Xara-generated website?

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    Default Re: Learning Platform in Xara

    Yes, really any ideas that will work within the xara website.

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    Default Re: Learning Platform in Xara

    There's nothing that Xara offers that would make it suitable for a LMS. It's a static website builder.

    I would forget this idea.




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