We’ve just released an Update Service update to Web Designer and Web Designer Premium. New features include web related changes that will help with SEO, new versatile heading & para styles (backgrounds and borders), support for tab leaders, updates to all the major import/export formats and some great new content including two contemporary web themes (Portfolio and Nonprofit).

You can find a summary of these and other new features & content on our website @ https://www.xara.com/web-designer/whats-new/ and full details on all the v17 updates in the Release Notes @ http://releasenotes.xara.hosting/web-designer-17/.

Important: If you have an active Update Service there will be no charge for the update but you will still need to re-download Web Designer from https://www.xara.com/web-designer/download/ - there is no auto-update.

If your Update Service has expired then you can renew your Update Service / upgrade in order to get v17 and other updates since your version (go to the Web Designer page on magix.com and click Upgrade). You can find info on those previous updates at https://www.xara.com/web-designer/whats-new/older/. You can install the v17 trial alongside your current version.

And as always you can find separate info on what’s new in Xara Cloud @ https://docs.xara.com/latest-updates.

Enjoy the new features!

Kate Moir @ Xara