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Just wanting your (all) opinion on the purchase of Affinity products. My situation is that I am pretty much occupied taking care of old dad who is sick and the little time i get, I work on a number of repeat clients that need updates with their website and print materials all done with Xara. So really as for my time, I hardly have any spare to sit and learn a new set of programs. Would you say this kind of offering by Serif only comes once in a lifetime, should i take advantage of it and BUY now or buy when I am ready to delve into it (down the road, can be years from now)?
behzad, your statement about having the spare time to learn a "new set of programs" is what's having me add my 2 cents. I own all of the Affinity suite. I believe that Affinity Designer would be the their equivalent to Xara (cept for the ftp capabilities) I found it, and publisher easy to get going because the concepts between all programs of the like have many similarities. But here's my problem.

As many hours that I have spent in the Affinity apps to do a non-web related project, I ALWAYS abandoned it and popped back into Xara to get it done quick. As beautiful as the Affinity UI's are and with a sort of sophistication that Xara doesn't have, (I guess that would be a matter of opinion) I ALWAYS find myself back into Xara to 'get the job done'.

Probably because I'm so used to it? Maybe? But I have patience and love new learning curves... learning new apps does not bother me, I actually enjoy it. It's SO MUCH easier/faster to hop around Xara's UI than the Affinity apps.... for me...

anyway... just thought I'd say so... LOL